Non-RCRA Herbicides and Pesticides

Turning waste into productive energy


Many herbicides and pesticides are not classified as RCRA waste but still are regulated under FIFRA. As such they pose enough exposure risk and brand protection risk that landfilling is no longer a good option.


We recycle these materials by blending them as part of the fuel feed at waste-to-energy plants. This ensures the materials’ destruction, protecting your brand and preventing needless exposure risk. It also allows these materials to be beneficially recycled in the production of electricity and steam.


This service is most helpful to industrial manufacturers producing agricultural chemicals and for distribution centers that carry large quantities of consumer pesticides. Active ingredients in these materials often include mepiquat chloride, clethodim, 2-Pyrrolidione. 1-Ethenyl and Captan. Inactive ingredients include Ethylene glycol, Guar gum and Silicone anti-foam.

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