Non-Hazardous Powders and Drummed Material

Proper Processing and Documenting Makes Disposal Possible


You may have noticed that landfills are increasingly reluctant to take material that produces powders or dust. Whether you are trying to find a home for a new stream or have been forced to find a new outlet for an existing stream, we know how to treat this material and get it properly handled.


We can moisten and blend powders to eliminate dusting and exposure problems prior to delivering to the landfill. We’ll do the same with drummed material, opening, emptying, and blending it so that all approved contents are liquid-free, clearly evident, and ready for receipt at the facility. If you want to remove your stream from the landfill, we can also work to provide you with recycling alternatives.


Carbon black, cosmetic and pharmaceutical filters, and herbicide formulations often pose the most difficulty in this area.

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